You improve your mountain animal's specialities when you perform various actions. Most of the time, you must set a certain length during which you can improve one or more specialities of your mountain animal. There are other ways of improving his/her specialities, you can in particular participate in as many challenges as possible, perform all the actions listed within your mountain nature reserve. When a mountain animal has acquired all he/she could concerning specialties for a given action, the action bar becomes 100% full.

The maximum level to reach in a given speciality is determined by the capacity in this same speciality. It is impossible to exceed the capacity in a given speciality unless you decide to get a bonus or an item meant to exceed this capacity. The full speciality bars represent your mountain animal's level by taking into account the bonuses and items that allow you to go over the capacity. If you accumulate the right items and numerous bonuses, you will have more chances of winning more mountain challenges and see your mountain animal's reach the highest ranking! Note that if mountain animal's level exceeds his/her capacity in a given speciality, this can only be related to the bonuses, items or so-called "exceptional" actions performed by your mountain animal.
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Animal rankings by level

To climb in these rankings, you must make your mountain animals improve as much as possible their capacities. Of course, the higher your mountain animals' capacities is, the higher their level will be.
The rankings of mountain animals show the official position of all mountain animals in the game.

There are rankings according to various criteria: capacity of the animal, its level, its number of victories in mountain challenges, number of votes received, as well as the number of visits to its page.
Animal rankings by level
Place Mountain animal Species Evolution Level
  ***Willow 100HS***
 Player: amazonvixen
Eagle-Owl  0 395.982
 ***Alpine 100HS***
 Player: amazonvixen
Alpine Ibex  0 395.057
 ***Artemis 100HS***
 Player: amazonvixen
Peregrine Falcon  0 394.977
4  ***Albania 99HS***
 Player: amazonvixen
Lynx  0 391.655
5  Spidey
 Player: ruffian7
Brown Bear  0 351.096
6  Angel
 Player: Michigander
Marmot  0 340.582
7  ***Alaska***
 Player: amazonvixen
Brown Bear  0 340.417
8  limitless
 Player: petahh
Puma  0 339.293
9  Law
 Player: Hikari05
Tawny Owl  0 339.21
10  *Faya
 Player: arielle.paredes
Tawny Owl  0 335.695
11  Layla
 Player: EbonyVortex
Peregrine Falcon  0 330.739
12  Little Max
 Player: Michigander
Marmot  0 330.225
13  Beauty
 Player: Kayda_bouka
Tawny Owl  0 329.501
14  Asher
 Player: 123iloveme
Marmot  0 328.64
15  Timon
 Player: Michigander
Marmot  0 325.89
16  Sophie
 Player: Michigander
Marmot  0 323.846
17  star fire
 Player: petahh
Puma  0 318.465
18  Fallout
 Player: petahh
Peregrine Falcon  0 313.19
19  fang
 Player: petahh
Puma  0 307.19
20  Sasha
 Player: brinav
Chamois  0 306.692