The place corresponds to a mountain challenge's difficulty level.

a challenge is made up of different events. Each event has its own level of difficulty. The total of all event difficulties in a challenge will give the overall difficulty of the challenge, and thus its place.

Only animals that have this place in this type of challenge will be able to participate. In other words, the more a place increases, the higher level the animals must have to register in it.

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Each type of challenge puts into play one or several of your animal's specialties: speed, agility, perception, etc. This is indicated on the page for each type of challenge.

Your animal's place for a type of challenge is determined simply by its level in the specialties in question.

However, do note: if a type of challenge takes several of your animal's specialties into account, they will not all necessarily be weighted in the same way to calculate your animal's place. One speciality may be weighted two or three times more than another, for example.

Each challenge's place depends on the difficulty of the events that make up the challenge. The more difficult they are, the higher the place of the challenge will be.

Your animal can only participate in mountain challenges corresponding to its place in each type of challenge, as to avoid animals with mixed levels competing against one another in a challenge.

Your animal's place for each type of challenge is updated in real time when you play with it. Consequently, the more you progress your animal and increase its level in its specialities for a certain type of challenge, the more its place in this type of challenge will increase as well.

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The results of the animals in the mountain challenges are determined by:
- the animal's level in the specialty or specialities that are taken into consideration in this type of challenge (the level that could increase due to participation in the challenge, depending on the animal's place);
- the animal's state (health and/or strength, danger, parasite, etc.).

You can find the detail of the specialties and other characteristics taken into account on each type of challenge's page. The better these are, the better your animal's results will be.

Last but not least, hazard is also part of the challenges, which gives them charm and originality! Hazard will always play a somewhat important role in the results.

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