Set off to discover Chile with your companions!

Set off to discover Chile with your companions!

After Romania, we are packing our bags and heading to South America, because the Republic of Chile is being celebrated on Anisnow and the different games by Dreamzer Games.

This country is no more than 220 miles east to west, but it covers over 4,600 miles from north to south! This unusual situation makes it a country with a variety of landscapes: deserts, snow-capped mountains, beaches, volcanos…: there is something for everyone!

Faced with such beauty, it was difficult to settle on just one background that would symbolize Chile. So we made an exception and now there are two new backgrounds available to you: the desert of Atacama, along with the Valley of the Moon.

Of course, the shop has also stocked up on new items that are symbolic of this country: llamas, turtles, penguins, Easter Island statues ... Plenty of things to let your imagination roam free and enhance the landscape by creating some magnificent scenes on your dogs’ pages (with the Landscape of Venus), on your breeding program pages (with the Landscape of Apollo), or even on your breeder page (with the Landscape of Athena).

Enjoy the month of Chile and have fun playing on Anisnow and all the games by Dreamzer Games!

P.S: Remember to post a link in the comments to your creations based around the Chilean backgrounds and/or items so that you can win some votes thanks to your talents as a set decorator!

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