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I joined Anisnow a bit ago, and have been noticing that there aren't a lot of people that seem to be active, at least not compared to Dogzer. However, at least based on how many views I have so far on my last thread, there does seem to be at least some people.

Despite checking daily, I have found no animals ever here that are up for sale (fixed price or auction), breeding or at the zoo. I've tried searching through the directory for animals I can report, but it's a long, slow process. Anyway, I'm here to ask if anyone has a male peregrine falcon and would be willing to put him up for breeding, either just normally or as a private offer to Silver (my peregrine falcon). If so, I'd appreciate it if you could put a comment here or send me a PM although, like I said earlier, I check daily so I'll probably find out even if you don't say anything.

While I would definitely like a high level and capacity, the only thing I require is being purebred.

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