The Anisnow directory: Animals starting with A (1)

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  • Species:

    · Alpine Ibex (624)
    · Bearded vulture (14)
    · Brown Bear (1,987)
    · Chamois (523)
    · Chough (145)
    · Eagle-Owl (20)
    · Golden Eagle (2)
    · Long-eared Owl (285)
    · Lynx (28)
    · Marmot (457)
    · Moose (36)
    · Peregrine Falcon (1,122)
    · Puma (37)
    · Saint Bernard (2)
    · Stoat (11)
    · Tawny Owl (1,005)
    · Wolf (10)
    · Wombat (32)
    · Wood Grouse (18)
    · Yak (2)

    Mountain animalSpeciesPlayer
    a1 monthPeregrine Falconcoolwild1423
    A Hop, Skip And JumpHas just been bornChamoisdishmishmca
    Aaron2 monthsAlpine IbexWolfLover292
    Aaron1 year and 5 monthsPeregrine Falconsnowblaze
    Aarron5 monthsPeregrine Falcondogpage
    Abaccus4 monthsBrown Bearsuperjaylock99
    Abba4 monthsTawny Owlhorseforce
    abbe4 monthsPeregrine Falconabbelover
    Abbot5 monthsBrown Bearairaly
    Abby2 years and 3 monthsChamoisScamperLover
    Abby1 monthAlpine Ibexramona150419792
    Abby4 monthsMarmotmwill0927
    Abby1 monthBrown Bearfelica2
    Abby4 monthsTawny Owlmatty100
    abby11 monthsBrown Bearlivelovelearn
    Abby1 monthPeregrine FalconHorselover268
    Abeke3 monthsBrown Beareaglebay2
    Abriana1 yearAlpine Ibex123_LoveBender
    abstract2 years and 1 monthTawny OwlAbstractEnding
    AcadyHas just been bornMarmotSalvical
    Acapell3 monthsBrown BearFrecklesMahHorsey
    Ace3 monthsMarmotLeCliffoconda
    Ace1 monthAlpine IbexDogs_R_Life
    Adaline2 monthsPeregrine FalconMiss.Redford
    Adam1 monthBrown Bearpeachling123
    adam11 monthsBrown Bearkristie123
    Adaris6 years and 9 monthsChoughSiluvaine
    Adellyn3 monthsChamoisthumb1
    Adore1 year and a halfChamoisfrozen10717
    Adrianna2 monthsTawny OwlDezarae0211
    Aegeus1 monthPeregrine Falconkspecks
    Aela1 year and a halfChamoishorsegirl12138
    aerial1 monthBearded vulturepetahh
    Aero1 monthPeregrine Falconkatyperry012
    afek1 monthBrown Bearafek123
    Afina1 year and 8 monthsLong-eared OwlAnimaliyReis
    Afrodita4 monthsBrown BearKiki45678
    Agata1 year and 5 monthsAlpine Ibexsweetpursuit
    Agata1 yearPeregrine FalconRere26
    Agatha3 monthsTawny Owlbookworm9977
    agiki1 monthLong-eared Owldemonhound
    agle1 monthLong-eared Owljuhsoares
    Agwang1 year and a halfBrown BearBFFvsChum
    ahhaha1 monthChoughchaz100
    AI2 monthsAlpine IbexBren73
    Aiah1 monthLong-eared OwlAliella
    Aibori5 monthsPeregrine FalconTheRavens
    AiboriHas just been bornPeregrine FalconTheRavens
    Aidou7 monthsWood GrouseMia05
    Airen5 monthsTawny OwlVampiress5
    Airheart3 monthsAlpine Ibexdogsrock123458
    Airmid5 monthsLong-eared OwlCelticMountainLionSpirit
    Airwave Flyer2 years and 1 monthPeregrine FalconSparkyLunaMarie
    Aishka3 monthsPeregrine FalconxXToxic
    Aislin1 monthPeregrine Falconcutedogy
    AJ7 monthsTawny OwlLALPSLOVER
    Ajax4 yearsAlpine IbexStayalive
    Akaii2 years and 3 monthsChoughSiluvaine
    Akakabuto1 monthBrown BearTheLorax
    Akakabuto6 monthsBrown BearGermany119
    Akakabutto1 monthBrown Bearlispetti02
    akari1 monthBrown Bearbeyonce_knowles
    Akela4 years and 5 monthsLong-eared OwlErinSutter
    Akeli1 monthChoughFenaya
    Akira1 year and 9 monthsTawny OwlMia05
    akira1 monthPeregrine Falconnanalovers10062
    Akira5 monthsLong-eared Owldj0908
    Akita1 monthBrown Bearhdddvd
    akitba10 monthsChamoisSiberianhusky2003
    akiza1 monthChamois7drakon7
    Akku4 monthsPeregrine FalconHuskyQueen1
    Al1 yearAlpine Ibexlolahi275
    Alan3 monthsBrown BearFoxfan2
    Alaska1 monthBrown Bearglitterpuppy
    Alaska1 monthMooseIshabella2
    Alaska2 monthsTawny Owlpopo2012
    Alaula1 year and a halfBrown BearTrulyDog
    Alauna2 years and 10 monthsAlpine IbexLiNeeerafae
    Alavon4 monthsBrown BearBearLover2
    Albania1 year and 10 monthsChamoisNaiveSquirrel
    Albanian1 monthAlpine IbexShea04
    albert1 monthAlpine Ibexlubbe
    Albert1 monthAlpine IbexPuppycutiepiegaming122
    Album2 monthsTawny OwlWillowtune
    Albus1 year and 7 monthsAlpine IbexKageHawk
    Alen2 years and a halfPeregrine Falcongraffey
    alex1 year and 4 monthsBrown Beargermanshepherdlover54
    alex1 monthBrown Bearuyou1
    Alexa3 monthsBrown BearTrigger102
    Alexander1 monthMarmothyeronimus
    alexandraHas just been bornBrown Beareaglegirl1
    alexandria2 monthsBrown Bearmeat810
    alexis rodes (yu-gi-oh gx)2 monthsAlpine Ibex6drakon6
    alexus1 monthBrown Bearmgrecoe
    alexus1 year and 9 monthsBrown Bearmgrecoe
    Alexzarnda2 monthsAlpine Ibexhappy638
    Alfa1 monthTawny OwlValunec
    Alfonzo4 monthsLong-eared Owlmrsbieber7227
    Algeria3 years and 5 monthsLynxamazonvixen
    AliaHas just been bornPeregrine FalconCandiegirl