There is a diverse collection of bonuses available in the Temple.

They can help you to:
- make your animals and groupings improve more quickly;
- play longer with your animals;
- change the appearance of your animals and make them completely unique;
- improve the services at your mountain nature reserve;
- personalize your game and its environment ;
- enhance your mountain nature reserve, groupings, groups…

Click on the name or image of a bonus in order to find out more or to purchase it.

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Premz' are a rare and precious currency.

With premz', you can get bonuses for your mountain animals, groupings, groups and mountain nature reserves, as well as the new species that are exclusively available. All of this can be found in the Temple.
Certain bonuses in the Temple are exclusively reserved for members of the Anisnow Club. You can get them only if you are a member of the Anisnow Club.

Additionally, if you are part of the Anisnow Club, you benefit from discounts on certain bonuses available to all: up to 50% off!
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This section contains all of the bonuses available on Anisnow.

Exceptional and very sought-after, you can earmark them for your animals, your mountain nature reserve, your groupings, or even for yourself as a player.

You will also find some exclusive species, so that you can welcome new mountain animals to your game.

Click on the name or picture of a bonus in order to find out more or to purchase it.